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Technology In Urgent Care: The Benefits of Digital Medical Imaging

Urgent care clinics play a critical role in supplementing primary health care for the populace. A combination of quick patient processing and high-quality standards of care for urgent, non-life-threatening conditions make the facilities a popular option. Data from the National Health Interview Survey by the CDC indicates that one in four children had one or more visits to an urgent care center in 2019.

Striking a balance between quality patient care and low patient wait times may require strategic upgrades and investments in certain departments such as radiology. Medical imaging is an integral part of complete diagnosis and treatment. As a patient, you may need to identify urgent care centers in Tucson that invest in their facilities and equipment for proper identification of your illness and the resultant treatment methods.

Here are three advantages of picking an urgent care clinic in Tucson with digital medical imaging services.

1. Accurate Diagnosis

Patients walking through the doors of an urgent care clinic may require an accurate, immediate diagnosis and kickstart their treatment plan as soon as possible. Digital medical imaging enables physicians to achieve that, with quick scans of the patient’s body. Your doctor can assess a multitude of problems on the spot using ultrasound, from dislocations to taking note of tiny tumors. Digital medical imaging equipment allows for contrast and magnification of the image for a more accurate diagnosis

Moreover, digital medical imaging can complement other test procedures. Combining radiology images with other diagnostic tests may help to accurately diagnose the medical issue that your child may have. Inquire whether the local urgent care centers around you offer the most advanced medical imaging services like point of care ultrasound.

2. Improved Workflow

Most patients dread the trip to the radiology department. Chances are that their past experiences with traditional imaging technology left them frustrated. You may remember the frequent trips you had to take before the images were out and analyzed by a professional radiologist.

Digital medical imaging has a shorter imaging processing time that reduces the time you spend in the medical facility and gives you faster results. You can also have your imaging tests alongside other diagnostic tests such as the routine labs or PCR test, obtaining your results in a shorter period of time. Your provider may then prescribe the right treatment plan or refer you to a larger health facility to handle your case.

3. Integration to EMR

Modern imaging systems store the diagnostic images electronically. The results can be analyzed by a radiologists and are easily accessible on the clinic’s cloud storage with a click of a button.

Modern urgent care clinics can readily share the results with your primary care doctor or specialists for further treatment and monitoring.

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As the popularity of on-demand healthcare continues to spread across the country, urgent care facilities are constantly looking out to find ways to treat patients in a more holistic manner. Digital medical imaging like point of care (POC) ultrasound is just one of the technologies revolutionizing the patient experience. To the best most patient centered holistic care, reach out to ImmediateCare Arizona.

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