COVID Remake Infusion Therapy


• COVID Remake Infusion Therapy is specialty formulated to replenish your immune system’s micronutrients that have been depleted or exhausted from the COVID-19 virus or any viral infection.

• This particular formulation has higher doses of the most important antioxidants your body needs to recover and get back to your former vigor.  Experience what so many of our patients are using to get back to normal and are thanking us for offering such a unique natural and highly effective treatment option.

Main ingredients

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ICAZ Infusion Salon

The ICAZ Infusion Salon takes infusion therapy to a whole new level of comfort, convenience, and care, to give you a truly exceptional custom-made chair experience. The vibe in the ICAZ Infusion Salon is calm and relaxing, with all of your comfort necessities covered. Dedicated WIFI, healthy snacks, Perrier and other sparkling beverages are all complimentary. The IV fluids are warmed to body temperature for the ultimate in comfort and there is always a warm blanket provided if you so desire. The staff has also undergone special training to anticipate your needs. And you can rest easy knowing every Infusion is formulated with the highest quality micronutrients to give your body exactly what it needs each and every time.

Infusions have proven valuable in supporting the body in fighting viral and bacterial illnesses. They can increase the efficacy of a wide range of therapeutics, particularly when formulated to your specific needs and wellness goals, and can do wonders for your mood and overall well-being.

Still unsure about the infusion therapy Tucson residents are fired up about? If you’re new to IV infusions, we’re happy to help you decide if this healthcare therapy is right for you. Call 520.800.8229 or just walk-in.

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